May 2014

Organized & cleaned out my locker at work. Didn't find what I'm looking for, which isn't a surprise.

I've thought of reimplementing klotski on the canvas. It's probably better to simplify the interaction to arrow keys rather than dealing with mouse input.

(Anachronistic date?) Made a necklace for my memoto so I'm not stretching the necks of my shirts & taking pictures angled at the sky.

Started Klotski reimplementation for js canvas. Watched last episode of season one Game of Thrones. The second season is well out in my netflix queue now.

Had to admit (as result of real search) saturday that I have probably lost my wallet. Today I began replacing the momentos today.
Looked in my mouth after flossing. I think I just broke the crown of a discolored tooth. I've not felt fear in a long while. Appt asap. I think that I'll fast tomorrow.

As a customer, I understand but disapprove of the practice of selling food storage containers as sets rather than pieces. Ie, I can't find replacement lids for the two that are broken. Getting those back means buying a 40 piece set. No.

Watched Wreck-it Ralph well after we ate at the Beachcomber. Glad that I checked it out. It has a well managed story. I cried at the end, I'm a sucker for (spoiler) heroic sacrifice.

Ate at the Red O at Fashion Island. I am still surprised at how my palate accepts more variety (vegetables) but disappointed that high-class restaurants don't offer entrees with much starch. Had lamb, but they paired that with a kale mound. Almost chose the steelhead (fish) simply because it included rice. Thankfully, someone gifted me a tortilla. (Should have snagged some of the chips before the waiters took them to make room for plantains in the center of the table.)

Made a mess trying to pour granola from the bag into some tupperware. I seldom remember to check where the edge is rather than just the bit at the tip. Luckily, most of it fell onto the shell in the footwell.

Listened to my mother tell my sister some hard truths that apply to me as well. Prayed rather than stuck my head in the sand. Then stuck my head in the sand. Oh well.

Forgot my memoto camera & was unable to record the trip landscape. Probably for the best. Also could have used a flashlight.

Returned from Big Bear trip. Had a nice philosophical chat with Scott on the way back. I need to buy us lunch next time; I'm embarassed that he bought me lunch again. (I had left my wallet in his car.)

Fixed klotski bug. Referenced a fake variable rather than the similarly named fields from a global object. Nevertheless, 95% functionality present (lacks hints, wrong way feedback, & sounds).

Started save / restore functionality for klotski. Lexing okay, but parsing (checking that the square isn't missing a corner) doesn't look enticing.

Second dentist appointment finally came up. Forgot the xrays :-\ . They say the cavity is too close to the nerve, so I'll need a root canal surgery. Thanking god that I have no pain. But, I shouldn't have read about the surgery just now. X-|
Syntax highlighting code by hand is a bad idea. Oh yes. I'll see if highlight.js fits my style. But, I'm doing a template & (limited) page heirarchy change, so it worked out.

Under the info firehose again: I'm trying to generate this site with metalsmith (via toffee templates) instead of piecrust.

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