Namor the Winged

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It looks like I have done nothing for three days though I promised stances. This is not the case, but in the end it looks the same (theoretically whether I hash it out three seconds before or over three days. It simply appears. The quality is the essential difference.

On to words of quasi-import. I am developing the stances for Same-Sex Marriage and the Arts, specifically Obscenity. Obscenity consumes the majority of my thoughts. I have read two great essays on each 'side,' yet both are lacking. One permisses anything because different standards exist (bah, moral relativism) but is absolutely acute on the difficulties in defining what is obscene. The other invokes the moral weight of literature but gives no objective basis for obscenity and states that pornagraphy and cockfights are morally equivalent. I am on the cusp of the answer. Then I will write both.

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