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December 2009 tewets

Off to Costa Mesa, but I forgot to check whether this is the week where I don't work on Monday. I'll probably end up driving back to Anaheim
My current user name is my homage to a Cortex Command fan fiction comic I am writing and drawing.
Lurkers took Nzen Walds Mertz Sangfreud Karmaceutical Stevedore and SacraMentos. I checked but rejected: ohmysinninggod supheter & ostrazalion

Was confused by memory of sleeping here during Thanksgiving: Rick's son's family came from AZ.

Dentist Avetune and Hygenist Koo admire my teeth. Shame I can't blame hard work and sacrifice. Recommends bleaching. Am I snob enough?

Looking through drawer, found old idea: burrito push pop. I was tired of having the rice spill out whenever I put it down on the plate.

Eng professor inspired realization: Stars magazine uses the lolcat template, substituting celebrities and "Oops, who dressed this schmuck?"

Historical society sites have no advice on what to preserve besdes your technical profile. Afraid 2010 will be a family biography year.

February 2010 twoats

Can't decide what to buy. Everything is boring or expensive. Bigger ipod no; new posters no. What's left? I guess I could save for a laptop.

Included because this seems to be the only twee I posted in 2010. This is what happens when I have too many publication venues.

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