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Writing venues

Having two places to post writings presents an uncomfortable problem. I have to act much like an adult, but still dependant, child of a divorced marriage. Whom do I stay with? Putting the same article on both is a poor use of each. Now, I do have one with a different theme, but the Xanga and Myspace do not have special needs of their own. I could set these up, but it isn't warranted. I could write two (or wait until I do), but that is either a lot of effort or wasted effort. Today you are so lucky that I have made two. The blandness of the one on this side is your unluck. I don't have an answer, I will judge each individually or simply alternate.

There are patterns. I have put narrations about myself here. On Xanga I have put reactions to other things. What would be a deciding factor? I can't tell. I simply recognize that I am baised in using the Xanga.

I know for a fact that myspace has far more page viewings. However, people are less likely to read my posts on myspace. In going to Xanga, they are specifically looking for stuff to read. I am unsure of what people look for on myspace. The audience is the only difference between the two besides the fact that this medium is leant to a multimedia approach rather than the primarily literary Xanga. Blogs are all that I can really use on this site in lieu of a camera.

I recognize then the purpose I have for each. Myspace is used to contact people I left behind (even though I am not using it to this purpose yet by merely being reactionary). Xanga is absolutely to hold what I have written. Hence my bias.

Essentially why would I post anything anywhere instead of keeping it private? Not for the readership (with no responses, doubly so). As backup? That is an effect, not a purpose. Getting published is so inspecific. Being apart from me is a means rather than an end. I post it onto there to ?look at it? No, I don't anymore for Xanga. Ability to read it? There is another. No, I like posting it of itself and do not do so to 'one day' derive the benefit.

It isn't enough to scratch this down on paper. [I may have become more comfortable with this medium. Suitable paper is such a hassle even though it is quicker.] Nor enough to just store it here (I definately do not read old stuff on my computer even though that is why I save stuff from the internet. Concerns for another time.

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