Namor the Winged

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The unimaginable has been revealed to me. Something I thought a universal constant, like gravity's presence, had been shattered long ago. My only response is 'my god.' Certainly, there is another who this crushed far more. I am probably just in denial. Well, I like to say that because I can not imagine its consequences. Exactly like Kent, but Barbie-ra is an ass unlike __. There are more ways to say more of the same; but, as I am not going to tell you what happened, there is no need to go on.

Rather than talk about Sandy Berger (though you should look that traitor up), I am enveloped in intrapersonal evaluation. I must figure out what I want in my relations. Not really relationships as I am not playing that game anytime soon (money first, then I will let my thoughts wander). Because guys are much easier to gauge my expectations with, the real question is what do I, Nicholas Prado, want from girls first and foremost.

Here are the options I know of ignoring my desire or ability: Sex, conversation, eye-candy, information, companionship while doing something, companionship everywhere, intellectual support.

The only two that really stand out (ie those I am wondering which I prefer) are conversation and eye-candy. I would love intellectual support but, that is so rare as to be delegated back. Sex is not a viable choice; make of that what you will.
I will talk about the two later today.

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