Namor the Winged

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Like marraige, I am now going to make public a promise that is inherently private. Cold turkey is painful, but so is open-heart surgery. I am going to drop my long spurts of doing nothing after school. These are purposeless and can not be continued for one instant into the coming fiscal year. I am not 'going' to take a light-hearted approach to this presentation or my homework. They offered me a clear goal at the outset. I may still win their hearts by turnaround, but intantaneous turnaround. Tomorrow I will get on the case of those in my group. I want to do something larger than the default. I will entice specific individuals with a better goal by broadening our focus to possibly include fuel cell cars. I will strike at the comparision person to add this. I will strike at the demographics person to include Bush, Kerry motives on this.

This extends to other areas as well. Listening and having the fourth meal is useless. I want to write. Racheal K inspired me to take up my Charity banner once more. A book that I am reading (The Burden Of Bad Ideas) reminded me that the intent is not the width and breadth? of the issue. I will concern myself with the results as well. As another matter, I will devote time to writing here. If you want some specific music, request it; I am taking off all music for the time being. It isn't interesting any more.

Does my disregard of Ontology matter? I do not think that it matters any more than concern for the end of the universe. Hmm, can I compare it to Man in the 'state of nature' whereby we consider the origin of society and government? No...not unless I had the answer. Otherwise one can form the conclusions one would have by knowing in our day-to-day judgements. I know that a theist would pipe up to tell me the circular argument about their "answers." Such pleases not me. If you want that explanation, tell me. Otherwise, you will have to wait until tomorrow. By the way, I was reminded of this issue by someone attacking my approval of Darwinian Evolution and launching ontological difficulties. Those, as you well know, have nothing to do with evolution and I ingored him.

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