Namor the Winged

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Now that I have betrayed the thrust of my last post, I will go along as if something had happened.

Mr. Joo is in Japan teaching junior high schoolers and sent out a call to arms. We, his former students, were told to "keep [him] updated about music and movies." Having gone through Farenheit 9/11 without writing anything more substantial than a response to some children caught in its thrall has left me wanting. Wanting to provide a better critique without the annoyance of being simply one of 5,000 who do the same thing. Thus, my desire coupled with seeing The Village has resulted in the proper inspiration: philosophical review of movies. Thereby I can discharge analysis with the security of uniqueness. My docket so far: The Village (the dichotemy of security and freedom), Spiderman 2 (Duty and the strong), Farenheit 9/11 (emotion and advocacy). Now, I had planned to tell you this, but it was filed away under 'later.' You can thank Tiffany from Jersey for my investment of effort. She deigned to IM me a few minutes ago based upon these paragraphs. (I hope she ment the older ones. The recent ones are less favorable to me as they are far closer to diary style than I like.)

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