Wittegeist Era Posts

I needed a place to put blogs after Chase shuttered his blog. He left mine up for a year and some months, but I knew that he had grown tired. Not uploading content there would make his foregone conclusion easier. (I also messaged him after I had saved the exported blogs, that he was safe to do so with no impact to my legacy.) It was a pretty close decision between blogger or google sites. But, sticking to an externally imposed template is easier to swallow on a blog - which we expect to have a consistent style - over a site with varying information.

The name 'Wittegeist' is a portmanteau of Wittgenstein (a Modern philosopher) and Geist, the german word for ghost or spirit. Also, the blog's header said 'Interpreted Glyphs,' but I always thought of it more as Wittegeist.



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