Avarice list

Nicholas Prado - last updated
This is the top stuff that I intend to buy for myself. Placed here so you can keep up to date on my retail therapy. The prices will, undoubtedly, have changed since I uploaded this page. So, the prices link to the appropriate page.


Architecture Of Open Source Applications v1
e10,35_lulu // 10_km,35_am
Tangled Web
28km/31am // 32,54 oR-e,both // 50 nostarch-both (Securing Web Applications)
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
33_am (Springer)
Thinking Forth
23_am (ye olde stack based programming language)


Cultures and Societies in a Changing World
7<am/35_am (to continue aggregating the set)
Sociology of Philosophies
10<am/26.5_am (The thread of ideology and the university/religious culture)
Global Economic History: A Very Short Introduction
8_km/10_am (price of UK wheat 1777-1943 hahaha)
Inside Central Asia
15_am (Political/Cultural Hst of Uzbeki-Turkmeni-Ajezer-stan)
A Concise History of Switzerland
21_am (Cambridge Concise History)


X Lib/10_km (murder? conspiracy via B-movie analysis)
The Gone-Away World
X lib/12_km (comic postapocalyptic hazmat guy)
Constellation Games
5_cmagleam (first contact, via puzzle game)
Glory in the Thunder
4_km (fantasy somethingorother)


Ooku v9
11_am (Feudal japan drama)
end of the world
22_antibookclub (by D Hertzfeldt)
Astro City: Shining Stars
15_am (superhero city, collects one-shots)
Pibgorn v1
16_pibpr (fantasy comic serial by 9 chickweed lane)


Broodax 08 shirt
18_pennyarcade (also automata)
White pants
40_am (my current white jeans are a shade tight)
Horde shirt
20_threadless (also autumns_fall)
Machiavelli shirt
17_monstersofgrok (also Sartre)
itt waitlist shirt
18_woot (also venn vittles)
Mess w texas shirt
17_amorphia-apparel (also Miss Hades)


Spacebase DF9
25_st // 20,30_spacebasedf9 (space station management sim)
Metal Slug X
34_am (classic sidescroller for PS1)
Rise of legends
10_am (steampunk rts)
Settlers of Catan
40_am (classic euro board game)
10_riotgame.org (16 bit police / rioter sim)
10_am (90s stealth rpg)


Get Lamp
35_getlamp (text adventure documentary)
13_am (1999 startup documentary)
We the Living
35_am (russian survivalist)
Saragossa Manuscript
20_am (occult thingy?)


Microcontroller kit
Raspberry Pi 35_allie (arm) // Chipkit Max32 50_diligent/53_am (mips) // Propeller 35_sparkfun (8 core) // iCEstick 25_latticestore (fpga)
rib tote
45,65_avidunion (phone & book sized, respectively)
Switch60 bulb
50_earthled // 70_am (a convection cooled led bulb)
Animaris Ordis Parvus
100?_strandbeest (walking toy)


I find CDs aren't a good value anymore. Itune$ even less so.

Love & Desolation
13?,9?_bandcamp Andrew Huang: 80s style experimental
A disenchanted snake
5?_bandcamp Dirty Knobs: superlong dark ambient
7?_bandcamp Homestuck: plucky electronic
Mashups By Candlelight
8_bandcamp Scott Bradlee: swing covers of songs