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Blogger Era Posts: Wittegeist

I needed a place to put blogs after Chase shuttered his blog. He left mine up for a year and some months, but I knew that he had grown tired. Not uploading content there would make his foregone conclusion easier. (I also messaged him after I had saved the exported blogs, that he was safe to do so with no impact to my legacy.) It was a pretty close decision between blogger or google sites. But, sticking to an externally imposed template is easier to swallow on a blog - which we expect to have a consistent style - over a site with varying information.

The name 'Wittegeist' is a portmanteau of Wittgenstein (a Modern philosopher) and Geist, the german word for ghost or spirit. Also, the blog's header said 'Interpreted Glyphs,' but I always thought of it more as Wittegeist.

Microbe_log index

These are the quick posts that continue from my prior use of twitter & fecebook.

Fsboog Wall Posts

Everyone has fsboog page. You know, fsboog. I got one even earlier, via university email, but never connected the two. No real loss. It was just as banal.

M_space Era Posts

I joined facebook back in autumn of 2004 when you still needed a college email. But, everyone in my dorm used m_space for their social communication. So, that account came to be. I usually posted here, rather than on the concurrently available xanga because I knew more people would see what I had written. This eventually resulted in some histrionics.

Xanga Era Posts: Namor the Winged

In my senior high school year, my sister convinced me to make a blog on xanga. I cast about for names until I happened on the above. It refers to the marvel character who happens to have wings on his ankles Era Posts: NietzShell

The name 'NietzShell' will probably be a placeholder. It is a portmanteau of Nietzsche & the Shell. Nzen is a contraction that I adopted to refer to 'Nietzschezian'.

Tweed Sentences: Nchzen

Everyone has a twee account. You know, twee. No, Nzen wasn't an available username. Some putz got it and now it only has porn links. ಠ_ಠ

Shakytable Era Posts: Sangfreud

I decided on 'sangfreud' as a portmanteu of 'sangfroid' (composure) and 'Freud' of psychologist fame. My high school friend, Chase, graciously hosted this blog on his website, and some other people as well. However, when he closed his blog after a dry period for all, I knew the free lunch would soon end.