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Faffbk 2009

[Nicholas P] is playing D&D Tiny Adventures

[Nicholas P] is watching 13: Fear is Real

[Nicholas P] wrote a new note: Atheist zeal.

[Nicholas P] I felt what I thought was a tiny earthquake at 6:58 or so.

[Nicholas P] I knew people had invented pneumatic muscles, but I didn't know they had made such beautiful applications

[Nicholas P] is reading Permutatioin City by Greg Egan.

[Nicholas P] is reading Introducing Plato

[Nicholas P] I heard the thunderstorm last night but faced the wrong way to see any lightning.

[Nicholas P] Hell yes, continual quiz results grind my gears.

[Nicholas P] is reading Flatlander by Larry Niven.

[Nicholas P] just finished reading Player of Games by Ian Banks.

[Nicholas P] has been reading Fallen Dragon by Peter Hamilton since (Friday?)

[Nicholas P] is reading The March by E L Doctorow.

[Nicholas P] is reading SlaughterHouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut.

[Nicholas P] has been reading Foundation and Empire by Isaac Asimov since Thursday

[Nicholas P] has been reading Manifold: Space by Stephen Baxter since last night.

[Nicholas P] has been reading Magic Kingdom for Sale by Terry Brooks for two days.

[Nicholas P] has been reading Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson since yesterday.

[Nicholas P] has been reading Forever Odd by Dean Koontz since yesterday.

[Nicholas P] saw a reference to this series on Attack of the Show and am still in shock.

[Nicholas P] started posting stuff via Mafia Wars. 50 times this month.

[Nicholas P] wrote a new note: wha' is wuv?

[Mafia Wars] Otherwise it will take me six straight days to complete the job. I can only imagine it gets worse each episode.

[Nicholas P] wrote a new note: Guns don't kill people; I like mayonnaise.

[Nicholas P] started to post stuff via Farmville. 29 times this month.
Fool that I am: testing Zynga's other games.

[Nicholas P] Worst rendition ever of any music I have ever heard. Given the source, I have to wonder whether it isn't deliberate.

[Nicholas P] started to post stuff via Texas HoldEm Poker. 5 times this month.

[Nicholas P] just watched Terminator Salvation. Annoyingly, the Netflix disc has no special features at all.

[Nicholas P] Merry Christ-gate. or Water-jalina? Kazhakipedia. Portmanteau the holiday: new words are Man's gift to Jesus.
link is to a WSJournal article If only. I certainly led by example this year.

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