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Feastbk 2010 posts

[Nicholas P] possibly has the flu. Is it related to live stock? Only time will tell.

[Nicholas P] wrote a new note: Filth! Vile! Obtuse! Derivative! And the lead actress was drunk!

[Nicholas P] shared a link: Sangfreud "recovering" [broken until I upload it here]. updated my blog. Perhaps not the best to advertise in the generous season, but views are views. I mean visitors but unintentional pun.

[Nicholas P] saw a car fire on the 55 South overpass to the 73 North.

[Nicholas P] prefers big tent shows like Kooza (which I just saw) to the more elaborate Las Vegas shows like O.

[Nicholas P] shared a link. I 'warmed up' to write the short story by writing another science fiction node, but its 11 now, so I doubt I'll finish before 3:59 tomorrow. Nevertheless I shall press on.

[Nicholas P] shared a link: Sangfreud "fecebook games 1" [broken until I upload it here]. Youth's daydreams

[Nicholas P] I finished reading "John Dies @ the End" by David Wong yesterday evening. It is like if Lovecraft Lebowski wrote Koontz' "Odd Thomas." Tell me if you want to borrow it.

[Nicholas P] used an old toothbrush that felt soft as animal hair. I realized that whitening paste decays the bristles in addition to our enamel. mmmmm erosion.

[Nicholas P] wrote a new note: To the unapproved friend candidate with everything set to private.

[Nicholas P] Monica wants me to join her for the last season of Lost but I just discovered someone uploaded the Mighty Max series onto Youtube, so that's a no go.

[Nicholas P] shared a link: Sangfreud "be grateful" [broken until I upload it here]. I guess with the comment I just added, this is significant enough to share now. Just more kvetching about consumption.
for anyone who read this & wondered about the comment I mention, I didn't realize I had to approve my own comments. Visible now.

[Nicholas P] While the weapon factory is nice, I must decide between giving chop shop gifts and factory gifts (or the bag). Which is most valuable to you? My chop shop is only level 03, so it's all the same to me. We have these for the long haul so I'm in no rush, but if you guys have high level chop shops there's no point in delaying the faster upgradable building. I'd like to know your preference.

[Nicholas P] just finished watching Cloverfield. Cool monster but then I tried watching the deleted scenes. Threw up three times.
[Morgan] That movie made me sea sick!

[Nicholas P] finally separated out vampire players from only mafia wars players. If you are still receiving its spam and don't want to, tell me so.

[Nicholas P] watched Iron Man 2 with a theater full of middle schoolers. It was pretty, a Michael Bay movie. This series is only a little disappointing in the sense that Batman's foes don't put on imitations of his costume.

[Nicholas P] can't find his camera. I want to cut my hair but not before I take a picture.

[Nicholas P] shared a link. The Onion is so bad ass. I mainly skim the headlines but this clip shows they take it to eleven.

[Nicholas P] Watched the creepy puppets of the Tenenbaums-esque 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' last night. Now I'm wondering if anyone sells meat filled donuts in Orange County.

[Nicholas P] Last final tomorrow, then the semester is over.

[Nicholas P] finished helping his father replace the patio cover. I still have sealant on my arm.

[Nicholas P] shared a link. My sister just linked to the booty pop commercial, but it hit the blogjam back in 2009. I was looking for the bodystocking it reminds me of and, two degrees of separation later, I found that Wonder Woman is going to change her wardrobe. It's only temporary since the arc is an alternate timeline.

[Nicholas P] wrote a new note](../06/08-propositions.html): Proposition incentives weighed.

[Nicholas P] the house bucked beneath me, I'm guessing 4.2
5.7, huh.

[Nicholas P] muse on a cigarette break while I'm on here. Then I'm back to recording daydreams.

[Nicholas P] went to West Covina so my father can see his father.

[Nicholas P] watched The Fourth Kind earlier. This is the direction MN Shaymalan should have steered "Signs." Still hoping for a good abduction horror someday.

[David P] Hmm was Prey good abduction horror? I know it is a computer game, but I am curious as to what makes such a story good.
[Nicholas P] I never played Prey.
Damn, I was going to answer completely but it's too long. I guess I'll write a proper review. In short, an alien - rather than supernatural - threat is Inhuman. Even a demon (Drag me to Hell?) is stereotyped as wanting to induce suffering. But what could a xenoform want? Is it eating something obscure, is it a psychic vampire?
There is a harrowing Obsession without any capacity to short-circuit the focus. Potentially, anyway.

[Nicholas P] Visual Studio's error handling keeps taking me into its .NET guts as I step through. Someday, I'll appreciate the absolute control. Tonight, it's distracting.

[Nicholas P] shared a link. Just discovered Google's public data hub. The linked animated graph shows life expectancy by nation over forty years.

[Nicholas P] shared a link: Sangfreud "shadow stalks" [broken until I upload it here]. Despite an obvious, light interpretation I am troubled by what I wrote. Perhaps not deeply, but enough to ask that you not think any less of my family. This is a unique event.

[Nicholas P] My mother returns home from Belize in nine hours

[Nicholas P] Spent several hours synchronizing my laptop and external hard drive, by hand. I couldn't putz around on zynga games, so I'll help those friends tomorrow.

[Nicholas P] went hiking in Santiago Canyon with Monica at 11. I can't believe I used to go mountain biking around there.

[Nicholas P] sent my car to have the hood replaced.

[Nicholas P] tell me if you would like to see Inception tomorrow (before 4) or Friday at any time. I'm pretty excited for it but can't wait too much longer before people start treating its spoilers as fair game.
[Jeff] Oh man you're gonna love the part when REDACTED

[Nicholas P] just finished reading the last 150 pages of Voyage From Yesteryear. Besides work and an errand, that's what I did all of yesterday.

[Nicholas P]'s last wisdom tooth comes out in nine hours. Then I'm on a strict broth and popsicle diet.

[Nicholas P] the Tylenol has completely worn off. I'm going to take something stronger before I sleep tonight.
Nope, took Tylenol. Thankfully, I don't feel it at all today, though my mouth tasted like rebar when I woke.

[Nicholas P] shared a link: capos de dibujo (draws dick, then the rest of the pic). Extremely childish and in the same vein as the Assumption Song by The Arrogant Worms. Extremely!

[Nicholas P] The joke's on me. I am learning to build MS Access interfaces in a study group but decided not to install it on my laptop. What could I fill a database with? My grades? Gas mileage? Now, I'm making Excel tables of all my Mafia Wars loot, wondering how to force it to do the tricks I know how to elicit from its cousin.

[Nicholas P] shared a link: flickr mafia wars, first inventory chart. God damn, I hate Excel's chart creation.
Slightly better, but it still takes over half an hour to connect the significant items.

[Nicholas P] shared a link: Sangfreud "tabulation macro appreciation" [broken until I upload it here]. The solution birthed another problem.

[Nicholas P] is glad his grandmother bought him a new shirt. It turns out the upcoming wedding is in three weeks, not six. The shirt is deep purple, by the way.

[Nicholas P] 's semester begins on Monday. I was doing some pre-homework since the professor teaches the material in a different order than the prerequisite I took.

[Nicholas P] doesn't have the time to write up how he realized that Mafia Wars is the 'adult' version of Pokemon. We collect pictures with fighting stats. We grind to find better pictures. We battle with our little army of pictures. I'm finding it hard to continue.

Finished earlier today I mean it. It's been a week and a half since I cut the time spent from (twenty minutes?) to five. My dispassion feels eerie since it coincided with !New Content! (mumbai) and !!Daily Rewards!!. It's almost as though, despite a likely influx of interest from Las Vegas, Zynga is desperately trying to keep their fanbase coming back, which was far more low key before.
I promised myself that, before I hung up my hat 'for good,' I will send a fb message to the people I used to exchange gifts with, telling them to switch to someone else. [God damn outlet, prompting me to write more than I intended.] I want to say I'm almost there but really, I have neither collected nor sent any gifts in a week.
I'm filing for divorce.

[Nicholas P] shared a link. Scorpio is best in this Onion list.

[Nicholas P] shared a link: Sangfreud "roadblocks" [broken until I upload it here]. I guess writing in notepad++, maximized, wasn't a good idea.

[Nicholas P] is wondering about the Kindle. Have you any advice or experience with one?

[Nicholas P] shared a link: Sangfreud "home study" [broken until I upload it here]. Tangential to my current status query.

[Nicholas P] is building a vacation scheduling program to handle the employees my father supervises. It's nice to work on something that isn't a toy but daunting that he might use this bimonthly for the next several years.

Dynamically formatting an Excel workbook with twenty sheets is both underwhelming and frustrating.

I set it aside until yesterday, when I noticed I had been trying to fix the wrong part of a tool for generating formatting. Only about an hour's worth of work left before I can send it back to him.
Eventually, I'll make the vacation scheduler I planned since it is so complex.

[Nicholas P] Fun fact, peach butter, from CSU Pomona's farm store, is closer to marmalade than commercial peanut butter. Playing frontierville planted the idea. Seeing the stack of jars at their market brought out the impulse. All the meat I barbecue for the next few months will have a new & distinct flavor.

[Nicholas P] I wonder how silly it would look if someone grew a goatee but shaved off the mustache and chin part, leaving only the connectors.

[Nicholas P] shared a link: Sangfreud "kin selection" [broken until I upload it here]. I like to write about buying stuff.

[Nicholas P] is back from a weekend in San Fransisco. It was okay. Sam Rockwell sat behind me in the Alembic Bar on Friday. So, uselessly outdated news if you are the celebrity stalker type.

[Nicholas P] shared a link. ---babbage revival http://plan28.org/ is more interested in the 3D simulation than a completed engine, but piqued nonetheless.

[Nicholas P] The Walking Dead was promising. I hope I'll remember to watch again next week since it was just luck that I turned on the tv today.

I own book two but haven't read it yet. At the current pace, I probably have two weeks of leeway.
[Catherine A] I liked it too! Still have another 30 mins to watch though.

[Nicholas P] I voted to disenfranchise my representatives on matters budgetary, but only passing five timely budgets in the last thirty years is unconscionable. May god have mercy on my soul.
But I guess it's alright since prop 26 passed? Foolish.

[Nicholas P] shared a link. heap sort visualization

[Nicholas P] let my father indulge his fantasy about exchanging my car for a truck. Luckily, the dealer only offered another 90 dollar discount, citing the fact that V4 has a 1e3 profit margin and V8 has a 1e4 profit margin.

[Nicholas P] celebrating my mother's birthday in a few hours.

[Suzana] Hey, I though it was tomorrow??? here i though i had the date right this time around....lol
She was born on the eighth but we celebrated on Sunday.

[Nicholas P] has a truck now. Haven't yet tested whether it fits in the garage. Hopefully.

[Manuel O] Nice, what kind?
Nissan frontier
[Manuel O] Very nice... Nissan trucks.. I myself have the Titan

[Nicholas P] wrote a new note: The sword of DamSomnos.

[Nicholas P] is turning a useless book into a Kindle cover.

[Fransisco T] robot innards!
[Adam R] Oooh, how innovative of you.

Not my idea A kindle is about 75 pages thick. I'll glue the pages and clamp it tomorrow.
[Adam R] haha, that's awesome.

[Nicholas P] had played Minecraft via firefox some months ago and wasn't impressed. But, I've been following some of the cpu modelers and decided to plunk down 10 dollars (actually 10 euros). Addicting is an understatement. I woke at 4 Monday morning, bought a license at (11?) and had to force myself to sleep at 4.

[Nicholas P] shared a link: red ridinghood trailer. I imagine you aren't subscribed to warner brothers' youtube channel, so you'd have to wait until you go to the theater (HP7.0?) to see the trailer of this gem. "From the director who orchestrated a certain series about an unfortuitous pairing comes another reimagining."

[Nicholas P] I get to do this again tomorrow with my father.

[Nicholas P] finals meant I could indulge in my addiction. In this instance, Greg Egan's Schild's Ladder. 170 pages in 6 hours, starting at 9pm.

[Nicholas P] shared a link: lungren loses his head. This series is alright. But, was it filmed in Tustin's El Toro?

[Nicholas P] shared a link: Sangfreud "rose by name" [broken until I upload it here]. Sales copy for a limited picture renamer I wrote. Improvements to come.

[Nicholas P] shared a link: Hertzfelt wisdom teeth. He is a sick, sick man who still manages to arrest my attention with all the power of an Iranian swat team.

[Nicholas P] is reading Iron Sunrise by Charles Stross
Finished earlier today

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