September 2014

Received and watched Frozen today. I'd heard the praise, especially for the song, and thought it best to cut the possibility that I'd inadvertently hear it. And lo, it turns out that ABC-Disney ran a making of thingy yesterday. It seems they intend to make some short piece in the same world as the movie. I think Josh Gad/Olaf was extremely well cast-written for. I had no clue who he was until I looked and even thought he was some southern woman for a while.

Doing some basic loop exercises. And then they assigned "sum one to an arbitrary number" and I could see that I could derive the recurrence relation rather than do the work. Ah, they thought of that.

What? I'm not able to compile any dependent classes with javac. This is even failing classes that I made two years ago. What?

I just joined the glitterati with a (handmedown) smartphone. So, learning the android-java conventions is a legit possibility now. I am particularly keen on replicating N Feltron's iphone reporter app. I've been using Tagtime on my pc and dislike its random sampling style.

But, because this phone is only partly unlocked, I can't transmit data over cell towers. Wifi only. So I won't be joining Ingress in the forseeable future.

Oh man, it was pretty frustrating for a while but this blog now has folding side links. I have wanted this since FOREVER. This is probably not the best strategy for my purpose though: infinitely expanding wiki. This is the last time I'm massaging piecrust's garbage URI output. I'm maintaining the blog sub indicies by hand now. Another frission that puts me closer to trying metalsmith again. (Or worse nih, rolling my own.)

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