August 2014

Watched The Hudsucker Proxy, given that Netflix wouldn't quit recommending it. I laughed aloud at various times. The story is rather reminicent of Brazil, of a bottom feeder cast into the limelight of forces he doesn't understand.

Noticed recommendations for icheckmovies yesterday, which looks like goodreads for movies. I keep a text file of all the movies I've watched and even have started putting the date recently. And I wondered, should I put this in a database?

(Anachronistic, tomorrow) Ah, this week I'd been trying to figure out why "MITx" had changed into a coursera type site & dropped all the homework assignments and so on. What I was actually searching for is MIT's open courseware site.

Wasted some time chasing dcpu-16 (the computer simulation in the indefinitely tabled 0x10c). I just noticed that someone +1ed Simpletron on github. I don't think I'll try to finish the embellishments (gosub/interpreter/strings), so I fantasized about trying something more advanced (rather than just reimplementing in C++). Ultimately, I'm not going to because I would much prefer to finish all these interesting projects on the backburner.

I played Kerbal Space Program again. Yup, still addicted. But now, there are curious challenges with the contracts system. These initial quests involve building a lifting body and firing off a part at a particular altitude.

Nnngh. This sinning compact monitor doesn't have enough space for the (huge) dviD-displayPort adapter cable. (The stand slips in just below the ports rather than has the sensible vesa mount.) Now I have to tear off the bezel to see if cutting it will give me the space or I need to return this cable.

Ugh. My laptop isn't recognizing this new harddrive. It can't see it as more than a usb sata bus. :\ um. If you format it, it will. But people on the internet say I don't need to. Yeah. Guess what mades it work tomorrow?

:K OH IT TURNS OUT that the "system image" created by windows backup isn't bootable. What sinning good is that? (I acknowledge its threat to their business model. Hence niche plugs like "EaseUS Todo Backup".) Now I have to swap the new & old hdrives between my laptop and the external case.

I've been noticing a little instability in this copy of windows. Occasionally explorer is all black and just now the startup sound delayed until the desktop was visible. Hmm.

Now that I trust this cloned drive, it's time to delete all the installed programs from the, newly externalized, old hard drive. Oh. They want to be uninstalled by windows or their uninstaller. ugh, I'll have to format the drive or try again with elevated cmd (elevated explorer couldn't).

Finally got someone to accept the remaining cake rather than taking it home (as I've done for the last three). Unfortunately, he did express some weight dissatisfaction earlier so that wasn't entirely kind. Anyway, I stopped over in vons, looked at the prices of materials for cake, and compared that to the income we likely bring. It is not conscionable to pay 20 dollars for store bought anymore. My earlier objection was the tedium in making frosting. They sell it in cans. As it happens, someone's birthday is in early September, so I'll have an opportunity to test my resolve.

Yay. I needed to take notes badly and used this impulse to finish numbering my journals correctly. Strictly speaking, it would be better to develop out my project folder heirarchy and put the notes in there. I saw a cute paraphrasal relevant here: Perfect is the enemy of Done.

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