June 2014

Oh man. This laptop hard drive is so small; I've already filled 66 of 80 GB.

Also, since my grandparents will eventually sell their old home, I lose that as a failsafe hard drive storage. Maybe if I negotiated with my aunt. When/if I replace that hard drive, I could use that exclusively for precious information. (Or negotiate with a pen pal in Kansas?)

I think I should put more of my clothes in boxes rather than trying to hang them all. Especially sets out of season.

Oh jesus, my keyboard at this location has a bunch of keys not working. I can work around it, but this really blows. I can't type anything with an A Z or U.

Finished playing "A Dark Room" finally. Unfortunately, I was too chicken to take out the important mine until I had conquered the rest of the map. Which defeats the point of that mine.

Grandmother's 90 year birthday party with seventy attendees. T 📷 T

ASMR videos are like noisy japanese tea ceremonies.

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