July 2014

Watched The Butler tonight. When, roughly, one hundred years of racial dynamics are presented in two hours, it looks very much like interpersonal challenges are totally mental fictions. Now, confronting and recasting those challenges involves patience and effort - as abundantly depicted. But, in the 'end', Nietzche's observation is on display: truth begins as laughable, unconscionable, and finally universally assumed.

Put the klotski project to bed. It plays normally, uses prototypes, and restores saved games. It deserves a refactor and more test coverage. But, my fantasy involves including a solver that can give hints. I would rather work on different things, so good night klotski. It turns out netbeans really did need me to use another account to install it. I somehow bungled the permissions in the parent folder (even though many others do it just fine).

Elected to bring birthday cakes with about four in the near future. Now, I actually have to pay attention. s'arite. Spent free work minutes fantsizing about making a game about being a pharmacist during the US Civil War.

Atom finally released a Windows version. It urged me to install via chocolatey, but that didn't work even with an administrative console.

Just listed a used book on amazon. I am really concerned about shipping as it's an oversized book. : \

Idly wondering how to individually address 73 lights with twenty or so out pins for some time now. I finally realized that keyboards already solved this problem. In this case, use a grid of wires and put AND gates at the intersections. I bet if I had looked in an electronics book I would not only have seen that, but also know whether the resistence will eat up the out signal. I'm CS, not EE.

So, my mother is now separated, with divorce soon finalized.

(Anachronistic) Also for electronic project, I had forgotten that it needs input pins/buttons for the owner to set initial state. / I put "user", but this is just for people to look at, so that didn't fit.

(Anachronistic) Wow, found a use for the menu key. Soulseekqt lets me nag people who take without sharing. But, it leaves a conversation thread I'm not interested in having. The menu key saves me right clicking each one for the delete thread prompt. I was going to leave that key off my new keyboard layout, but I guess not. Still haven't used pause or scroll_lock, though.

Ate a fried snickers bar (on a stick). The breading was innocuous and more served as a way to encapsulate the melted bar. I'm also pleased that I chose the snickers rather than the reeses cup, as the peanuts gave a third, firm, texture to the dessert.

Ooh, someone bought Lost Girls. Shit, now I have to figure out what box to send this in.
Tried using metalsmith again. It choked on finding a particular plugin. le. sigh.
But, with piecrust, I can't use the generated links because they asssume I've saved this in the root of the drive. That's the case on the site but obviously not so on my computer. I'm about ready to just do it by hand and reap the benefit of putting little blurbs next to them. If only metalsmith weren't so lame, I could try that.

Mailed it late at night on the last day possible, in an empty shoe box. That's what I get for (not preparing) listing an oversize book. I also didn't send it media mail because I thought that the book has to be educational. Lost Girls may be admirable in a number of ways, but education isn't one of them. Further, the standard specifies that it should be wholly reading matter, so I'm guessing that comics don't qualify. Even if they did, I'd have bungled it when I wrote the note on the packing slip to not rate the shipping highly. That person would have received a notice to pay the difference to upgrade the shipping.

Taking notes during the business meeting wasn't as hard as I feared. I don't even need to bother with shorthand.

Finally inserted the replacement battery for my watch. But, I lost one of the screws on the carpet.
OHfasj;afa. Thank god I back up my sinning files. I just deleted half of the music I've gotten in the last couple of months. Whenever I select a folder from the windows left tab, the selection doesn't switch to the sinning folder but stays in the tab.

First skype call successful. Time to join chatroulette. %'p

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